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The other most frequently asked question is "What care do miniature horses need?"

Care, Nutrition, Maintenance and Boarding of an American Miniature Horse

Q: What special care does an American Miniature Horse require?
A: Absolutely none, when compared to any normal-sized breed of horse.

They still need proper feed, water, trimming of hooves every two months or so, worming every 4 months, training if you are going to show them, and attention, as required with big breed horses.

Q. What feed should I give my American Miniature Horse?
A: There are a number of quality equine feeds produced by all of the major feed companies that can be used with American Miniature Horses. A balanced diet that is tailored to your specific horse's needs is suggested. When purchasing your miniature horse, the selling farm should be able to help with specific quantities and frequency requirements.

Q: Do I need to put shoes on my American Miniature Horse?
A: No, shoeing of American Miniature Horses is not allowed or needed as a general rule, unless special circumstances are found with your particular miniature horse. Trimming of the hooves is required on a regular basis and should be done by a qualified farrier. If your current farrier only trims big horses, make sure he or she understands the need to get down on the level of the miniature for trimming. Injury to the miniature can result if the farrier tries to lift the horse's leg high enough to trim while the farrier is standing up.

Q: Do I need to worm my American Miniature Horse and, if so, how often should I do so?
A: There are several ways to worm your American Miniature Horse. They are: tube worming by a vet, daily medicated feed with a wormer in it, and periodic paste worming. Talk to your vet or mentor to determine the best routine to use. Usually a combination of all three can be used, depending on the specific circumstances of your facilities, your horse, and personal preferences.

Q: Does my American Miniature Horse need pasture?
A: No, not any more than a large breed horse. While they will indeed flourish by having a pasture, many miniature and large horse owners stall and/or board their horses in stables that are commonly found in most parts of the country. Some miniature horse farms may also have programs to house and maintain your American Miniature Horse, following purchase.

Q: Does my American Miniature Horse need daily grooming?
A: Yes, all breeds of horses flourish with daily grooming and care routines. Plus, the more time you spend with your miniature horse, the more you will enjoy the overall experience.

Prepared by Kenny Goodsell and John Cherry.


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