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The coat colors and patterns shown on this chart are those most commonly seen on adult miniature horses. However, these 18 examples are not intended to depict every color and/or pattern that is possible within the breed.

For example, there are six different types of ''white'' miniatures, all being caused by different genes. Only one type is shown on the chart (cremello). The other five types are perlino, true white, true grey, silver white and all-white pintos with no colored markings. Many of these ''white'' horses may only be differentiated from one another by their skin color, their eye color and/or their parentage.

Please note that foal colors vary widely from that which may later develop in adulthood. For that reason, these coat color examples are only to be used when applying for Permanent status, at the age of 5 years for AMHA or at 3 years for AMHR.

col_sorrel col_flaxen col_black

col_brown col_liver col_blroan

col_bay col_chestnut col_buck

col_palom col_chpint col_overo

col_chpinto col_crem col_blapp

col_brapp col_chpintal col_flover


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