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2009 FOALS

-- 1st week foal picture --

Splash Posing

-- 4 months old:
Head & Face close-up --

Spalsh-Head and Face






Goodsells Huskers Splash
AMHA Reg. #A196124 AMHR Reg. #: N/A
DOB: 1/16/2009 Height: 29.75"

"Splash" was our very first 2009 foal and he "set the bar"
MIGHTY HIGH for the rest to follow!

He's a grand little black and white pintaloosa colt with a gorgeous face and big, beautiful eyes, sired by Bar B Huskers Boy, with Scott Creek Classic Soprano as his dam. He has excellent conformation with a nice flat topline, long, archy neck set high, and very long correct legs.

In addition to his outstanding pedigree, beautiful head and eye, and great conformation, he also has an awesome, eye-catching appy blanket centered perfectly across his rump, along with a sassy little "showman attitude" topping it all off - what a super little show package!


Splash-Round Pen Splash-Pose Splash-grazing


SOLD in the "Texas Hold 'Em Classic" Sale!!!

Congratulations to his new owner(s) & Best Wishes

for a fabulous time in the show ring, as well as

the future babies he can produce for you in the future!!!







Goodsells Zodiacs Starburst
AMHA Reg. #196123 AMHR Reg. #: (Pending)
DOB: 2/4/2009


CH N Kredible had a fabulous little filly out of the magnificent Little Kings Buckeroo Zodiac!

She's an extremely refined, beautiful little palomino, with a sweet, dished face, big, dreamy eyes, and nice long legs. She has a sweetheart shaped little white teacup muzzle, along with her delicate white stockings.

With her beatuiful good looks and outstanding pedigree, she was so worth waiting for!!







"Excalibur" or "X-Man"



Goodsells Buckeroos Excalibur
AMHA Reg. #A196122 AMHR Reg. #: N/A
DOB: 2/24/2009


Alamos Painted Horses Little Doe had a very handsome, refined little colt out of the awesome perlino stallion, Alamos Buckeroos Star Chaser!

He's got a nice, flat topline, long straight legs and his neck comes straight up from his shoulders. With his rich, deep gray color, he presents a magnificent, picture-perfect profile in miniature.

He's also "all boy," with seemingly unending energy, as he races ALL around the paddock, playing tirelessly with all his playmates.



Congratulations & Best Wishes!






Goodsells Buckeroos Crème Delight
AMHA Reg. #A196121 AMHR Reg. #: N/A
DOB: 3/5/2009 Height: 30.0"


Goodsells Painted Princess Di made a brilliant "debut" as a broodmare with her outstanding little cremello filly out of the awesome perlino stallion, Alamos Buckeroos Star Chaser!

This perky little filly is very refined and elegant, with an upright neck, beautiful head, and loads of presence. With her much sought after color, this is an outstanding filly with all the qualities that can make you proud plus produce even more winnings for you in the future.


SOLD in the "Texas Hold 'Em Classic" Sale!!!

Congratulations to Polly Weisberg!

We're looking forward to seeing the fabulous babies

she's bound to produce for you in the future!!!






Goodsells Buckeroos Supreme Rose
AMHA Reg. #196120 AMHR Reg. #: (Pending)
DOB: 3/15/2009


Fascination had a tiny, gorgeous, palomino filly out of the awesome perlino stallion, Alamos Buckeroos Star Chaser!

This is an exotic little filly with loads of promise for the future, both in the show ring and, later, as a fabulous brood mare. She is elegant, beautiful, and extremely refined. Already as a baby, she shows a wealth of presence and playful animation!

With her Arabian sculpted head, huge doe-like eyes, and top-notch conformation, she's sure to be a showcase winner!



Hot Shot-1

"Hot Shot"



Goodsells Cowboys Hot Shot
AMHA Reg. #A196119 AMHR Reg. #: N/A
DOB: 4/6/2009

Desire had another one of her gorgeous foals, this time out of our magnificent Marystown Supreme Cowboy!

Hot Shot is, thankfully, a marvelous carbon copy of his sire, right down to his deep bay coloring and fabulously sweet disposition!

He's got a very upright neck stretching straight up from his shoulders, long, refined legs, and a good strong hip (just like his Daddy!), to boot!

SOLD!!! Congratulations to Pablo for purchasing this colt

as a companion for his precious daughter, Isabella!




"2 Bits"


Goodsells Buckeroos Litl Bit o' Honey
AMHA Reg. #A196118 AMHR Reg. #: N/A
DOB: 4/27/2009


Queeny has honestly "knocked it out of the park" with this first foal!

Sired by the awesome perlino stallion, Alamos Buckeroos Star Chaser, this is probably one of the itty-bittiest foals we've ever had, plus he's "correct" in every way!

2 Bits is already a mighty big handful of horse in a mighty tiny package. He's remarkably refined with a beautiful palomino color. He has a gorgeous dished head with a nice little blaze, large, beautiful eyes, and very well proportioned conformation. He loves to "strut his stuff" for any audience, easily entertaining with his sprightly step and unbounded curiosity.



Congratulations & Best Wishes!





Goodsells Dreams Litl Rascal
AMHA Reg. #: (Pending) AMHR Reg. #: (Pending)
DOB: 6/11/2009

Heaven and Dream have given us an extremely tiny, striking package with this spectacular colt!

The sire, Goodsells Orion Dream Maker, is our very loud black and white pintaloosa, triple-bred Orion stallion that is only 29.5" tall himself!!

The dam, Brewers Conquistadors Heavenly Dream, is a gorgeous young mare with a sweetheart dished face and beautiful large eyes. Her beauty and conformation is only surpassed by her incredibly sweet disposition.

It appears both Dream and Heaven have passed on all these great attributes to this tiny colt.

Spanky is an exquisite little colt with a sweet, funny, and curious disposition. He is most definitely "a keeper!"


Price: $12,500


Prices are Subject to Change without Notice; Heights are accurate, as of time of measurement.

For additional information on any horse listed, please email or call us on 210-326-6941.


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