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2010 FOALS





Goodsell’s Bucks 4 U
AMHA Reg. # 198721
AMHR Reg. #: N/A
DOB: 2/25/10 Height: N/A


Bucks is a beautiful buckskin colt with a
saucy, sweet little personality, to boot.




Congratulations & Best Wishes!






Goodsell’s Huskers
Sir Dancer

AMHA Reg. # 199045
AMHR Reg. #: 303849T
DOB: 3/29/10 Height: N/A


Dancer is an awesome tiny, refined
palomino pinto colt who loves to
run at break-neck speed ...
and then tap dance all over his paddock
and around all the other horses.

Price: $15,000 or

$10,000 to U.S. Show Home






Goodsell’s Huskers
Oreo Princess

AMHA Reg. # (Pending)
AMHR Reg. # (Pending)
DOB: 4/28/10 Height: N/A


This is an AWESOME gorgeous little
black & white filly out of Husker
that simply takes away
everyone’s breath when they see her.






Goodsell’s Cowboys
Smokey Mist

AMHA Reg. # (Pending)
AMHR Reg. # (Pending)
DOB: 5/7/10 Height: N/A

This is another beautiful little filly,
this time out of Cowboy,
born at 5 am in the morning.

  Although she initially “looked” solid black,
these young foals often change & lighten up
in color after the first few weeks - we believe
she may actually turn out to be gray,
like her mother. 

She was remarkably bright & quick to learn
right from the start –
up and running within about 5 minutes,
nursing in less than two hours,
and very sharp & inquisitive, just like her Daddy!

She should also have an incredibly good
temperament from both her parents. 






Goodsell’s Huskers
Splash of Color

AMHA Reg. # (Pending)
AMHR Reg. # (Pending)
DOB: 5/10/10 Height: N/A

This is another incredibly beautiful little
tri-colored filly out of Husker! 

She’s black and white, plus has splashes of
golden palomino on both sides,
long, elegant legs and great conformation,
and warm, gorgeous eyes …
what a show-stopper!!






Goodsell’s Pattons
Straight Shooter

AMHA Reg. # (Pending)
AMHR Reg. # (Pending)
DOB: 5/11/10 Height: N/A

This is a darling little sorrel colt
out of one of our tiniest stallions,
General Patton’s Straight Talk

He’s sweet and loving, yet, like most little boys,
he can also be full of mischief
as he darts around his paddock,
constantly keeping his mother MIGHTY busy
“rounding him up.”

Price: $1,700


Goodsell Miniature-Photo Pending




Goodsell’s Huskers
Morning Glory

AMHA Reg. # (Pending)
AMHR Reg. # (Pending)
DOB: 6/5/10 Height: N/A

Last, but certainly not least,
we finished up this year's foals
with yet another precious,
refined little filly
out of Kredible and Husker!

Her palomino coloring profiles her
beautiful Arabian-style head and dainty face,
right along with her long, elegant legs
and correct conformation.


We hope you’ve enjoyed the above pictures of our lovely 2010 babes, thus far.
  Please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email if you have any questions or would like to visit
to meet some of these sweet, young creatures, in person.

For additional information on any horse listed, please email or call us on 210-326-6941.

Prices are Subject to Change without Notice; Heights are accurate, as of time of measurement.


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