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"What should I know about buying a miniature horse?"

Purchase and Sales of American Miniature Horses

(Following are frequently suggested items to consider regarding the purchase of an American Miniature Horse.)

Q: Should I be concerned with the bloodlines or pedigrees of the American Miniature Horse I am considering buying?
A: Bloodlines and pedigrees are definitely something that will give you an indication of the possibility of the horse's potential use as breeding stock, as well as the individual's own anticipated potential.


Q: What should be my main concern when considering the purchase of a particular American Miniature Horse?
A. That is a loaded question, as many things must be considered, but a realistic answer is the consideration of the individual horse and your intended use of it. Things such as temperament, conformation, size, training, cost, intended use and age are some of the factors that should be taken into consideration.

Q: Why should I be concerned with conformation and comparison of the individual to the Standard of Perfection produced by AMHR & AMHA, the two major registries for the American Miniature Horse?
A: The Standard of Perfection for both registries has been produced to help owners understand and produce horses that are functional for their intended use, as well as beautiful and desirable within the breed. By adhering as closely as possibly to this Standard of Perfection, the new owner will greatly facilitate and enhance their ability to enjoy and utilize their American Miniature Horse.

Q: What should I expect from an individual or farm that sells me an American Miniature Horse?
A: Most reputable farms will provide you with health and height guarantees, particularly for show and/or breeding quality stock, parent qualification information, and some after the sale information and training. You should pay particular attention to the experience and reputation of the farm from whom you are considering buying your American Miniature Horse. You should also receive an information packet with your purchase regarding how to take care of your miniature horse, plus answers to many of the resource questions you may have.

Prepared by Kenny Goodsell and John Cherry.


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