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Goodsell Miniature-Photo Pending




Samis Fame De Orion
AMHA Reg. #A19233 AMHR Reg. #288249A
DOB: 7/16/1987 Height: 30.5"

"Fame," a beautiful pinto red roan mare, has well-earned her name throughout the years, consistently producing quality babies year after year. She is an own daughter of Orion Light Vant Huttenest, with Walkiri Bird Vant Huttenest on her dam's side.

She has been a very nice mare to cross with multiple stallions, has been an easy breeder, as well as one of our best for ease of foaling. Her foals have also all inherited her fabled Orion refinement, awesome, expressive eyes, and exquisite dished heads.

Due to her age and the wonderful foals she has produced for us already, we have chosen to permit her to "take some time off" from our annual breeding schedule for 2011.

We are also currently investigating the possiblity of introducing her into a therapy/service role. She would also be a lovely companion horse/pet or child's companion, should the right person come along with a desire to include her into their loving home environment.

Price: $2,300


pic-Ginger Snap




Hartins Snippets Ginger Snap
AMHA Reg. #A37996 AMHR Reg. #288250A
DOB: 4/20/1991 Height: 31.75"

"Snap" is a beautiful, sorrel/chestnut mare that has been one of the top producing mares in our breeding program. She carries the two outstanding bloodlines of Bond Snippet on her sire's side and Martin's Kahlua on her dam's side.

With her exquisite head and big eye, as well as her fine conformation and winning disposition, she is one of the mares we count on each year to give us babies of top quality.

She has been bred toGoodsells Orion Dream Maker for what we expect to be an absolutely remarkable 2011 foal!!!






Deiles Dixie of Velvet
AMHA Reg. #A53910 AMHR Reg. #104475A
DOB: 3/13/1993 Height: 32.5"

"Dixie" has proven herself to be one of our most dependable broodmares and a true asset to our breeding program. In addition to her gorgeous foals, she has the absolutely sweetest, most pleasing personality and temperament! She is, literally, a pleasure to be around!!

She is a beautiful solid chestnut mare with flaxen mane and tail, built perfectly for giving us show quality babies year after year. She is a top quality mare - a direct daughter of Boones Little Andy, with Dixie Little Velvet as her dam.

Again, due to her age and her fabulously successful foaling records, to date, we have chosen to reward her with some "time off" from our annual breeding schedule for 2011.

Although she certainly would also be an outstanding candidate for a therapy/service environment, due to her sweet personality, she should also prove to be perfect, once trained, to serve as a child's very first "love of a horse," or even an adult's unquencable "equine fix," without all the normal expense and/or infrastructure necessary for the care and upkeep of a regular-sized horse!

Price: $2,300





Brewers Orion Sheer Perfection
AMHA Reg. #A66700 AMHR Reg. #288253A
DOB: 3/16/1995 Height: 29.5"

"Perfection" is the absolute epitome of her name.

Tiny, ultra refined conformation, exquisite china-doll dished face, teacup muzzle, little perky ears, incredibly large, expressive eye, nice topline -- you couldn't ask for a more fabulous image of the modern American Miniature Horse.

As one of the youngest own daughters of Orion Light Vant Huttenest, with the beautiful Brewers Orion Lace as her dam, she has consistently passed this beautiful heritage on to each of her top quality show foals.

We believe she's one of the finest ... and that she knows it, too!





"Breeze & Galore ('07 filly)"




Brewers Megabucks Summer Breeze
AMHA Reg. #A87897 AMHR Reg. #: N/A
DOB: 6/23/1997 Height: 30.25"

"Breeze" is a blue roan, beautiful-headed mare with large, expressive eyes, and is only 30.25" tall. One look at her pedigree and you know she is a wonderful addition to a miniature herd. Her sire is Little Kings Megabucks, while her dam is Nashvilles Southern Breeze.

Since we brought her home, she had a beautiful blue roan filly, sired by Brewers Spectacular Conquistador, and then followed that grand performance with a star-studded little blue roan colt out of Cherryvilles Rio Bravo de Oro (a son of the Supreme Halter Stallion and proven National Champion producing, Cherryville’s Rio de Oro), named Goodsells Bravos Top Hat n Tails!

Due to the high standards set with her previous foals, she has been bred to Cherryvilles Rio Bravo de Oro for another repeat of her great qualities in her 2011 foal.



Price: $2,500; In foal: $3,500

Goodsell Miniature-Photo Pending




Scott Creek Classic Soprano
AMHA Reg. #A102709 AMHR Reg. #: N/A
DOB: 3/15/1999 Height: 32.5"

"Soprano" is a beautiful black appaloosa mare who stands 32.5" She has an impressive and strong pedigree for both refinement and show quality, with Brewers Classic Supreme as her sire and Scott Creek Feminine Mystique as her dam.

With a marvelous, sweet disposition, Soprano has also already proven herself to be a great producer with her previous foal, Goodsells Monarch Orion Oooh La-La (now in Germany!), successfully shown on the 2006 AMHA show circuit as a young filly.

Soprano had an absolutely awesome little tri-colored (black, white & palomino) 2010 filly out of Bar B Huskers Boy and she has been bred to Goodsells Orion Dream Maker for an incredible 2011 foal.


Alamos Buckeroos Desire

Alamos Buckeroos Desire-profile

Alamos Buckeroos Desire-head




Alamos Buckeroos Desire
AMHA Reg. #A102506 AMHR Reg. #293695A
DOB: 4/17/1999 Height: 33.0"

"Desire" is a beautiful silver dapple bay mare reflecting both Little King and Brewer breeding. She has already produced several lovely foals we plan to keep and include with our breeding program. We see in every single one of her foals that she passes on her beautiful head and large, expressive eyes, as well as her overall fine conformation.

She has consistently gotten in foal easily and foaled each year with no problems. She delivered a gorgeous little 2008 silver dapple bay colt with an incredibly exotic, dished head with big, beautiful eyes out of Cherryvilles Rio Bravo de Oro (a son of the Supreme Halter Stallion and proven National Champion producing, Cherryville’s Rio de Oro).

She was then bred to Marystown Supreme Cowboy for a 2009 repeat performance! Following that beautiful baby, she had a fantastic little sorrel colt out of WF Pattons Straight Talk in 2010. For 2011, Desire has now been bred to our awesome palomino pinto, triple-bred stallion, Bar B Huskers Boy, for a dynamo of a foal!

If you want a mare that has the potential to produce top all around horses, Desire is the one! She is also current on all shots, worming, dental exams, farrier work, etc.






Price: $5,000; In foal: $6,500





CH N Kredible
AMHA Reg. #A121145 AMHR Reg. #: N/A
DOB: 3/18/2001 Height: 33.50"

"Kredible" is a beautiful mare sired by the National Grand Champion stallion Solid Gold Cinsation and her dam Jingle Bells is a National Grand Champion Senior mare, as well.

This girl's pedigree simply has too many National Grand Champions to list. If that is not enough, she produced a refined little 2009 palomino filly out of the beautiful Buckaroo son, Little Kings Buckaroo Zodiac, followed by another awesome little 2010 palomino filly out of Bar B Huskers Boy.

She has now been bred to WF Pattons Straight Talk, our outstanding small son of Glenns General Patton for a 2011 foal, who will certainly have a pedigree full of royalty!






Brewers Supreme Fascination
AMHA Reg. #A145399 AMHR Reg. #: (Pending)
DOB: 6/21/2003 Height: 32.0"

"Fascination" is another fine example of the fabulous show quality fillies and broodmares produced by Brewers Classic Supreme and Hartins Snippets Gingersnap.

Fascination has produced a very, very, tiny, ultra-refined chestnut colt by Marystown Supreme Cowboy. With her baby-doll, dishy face and large, beautiful eyes, along with her nice top line and long arcy neck, she should be an extremely nice mare to cross with the beautiful perlino stallion, Alamos Buckaroos Star Chaser, for a 2011 foal, so we're very anxious to see the beautiful baby that should come from this cross.






Goodsells Painted Princess Di
AMHA Reg. #A159842 AMHR Reg. #: N/A
DOB: 4/10/2005 Height: 33.0"

"Di" is a buckskin pinto filly who was shown successfully as a young mare and has now become a much admired member of our broodmare herd. She goes back to Sids Dominator and Cinder Oaks Enchanted Sun Dance on her sire's side and Matchbox Painted Horse and Lucky Four Snowmans All Dun Up on her dam's side. Di has a long, archy neck, with a large eye and nice topline. In addition, she is built just right for carrying and foaling awesome babies to carry on the show ring tradition.

Di was bred in 2008 to the beautiful perlino stallion, Alamos Buckaroos Star Chaser, and had a gorgeous cremello filly, followed by another beautiful black and white filly out of our beautiful Bar B Huskers Boy in 2010. She has now been bred to Cherryvilles Rio Bravo de Oro for ner much anticipated 2011 foal.

Price: $3,000; In foal: $4,500





Brewers Conquistadors Heavenly Dream
AMHA Reg. #A160010 AMHR Reg. #: N/A
DOB: 4/29/2005 Height: 31.25"

"Heaven" is a beautiful gray filly with a very nice dish face, good top line, a big eye and very refined body. Heaven has the strength, refinement, and elegant beauty of Orion reflected throughout her entire pedigree, with Brewers Orion Spectacular, an Orion Light Vant Huttenest grandson and Brewers Cinnamon Sugar, a Rowdy granddaughter on her sire's side.

Her dam, Brewers Major Dream, also reflects the coveted features of Orion, going back to Brewers Orion Major (an own son of Orion and Brewers Nashville Tender Moment, who goes back to NFC Nashville, a Prince Tennessee Monashee son) and Brewers Dynamo Passion, who goes back to Orion and Bond Dynamo. This is breeding that is as solid as it gets.

Heaven delivered an incredibly tiny black and white colt out of our tiny & elegant, triple-bred Orion, black & white stallion, Goodsells Orion Dream Maker, in 2009, followed with an extremely refined black/deep gray filly out of Marystown Supreme Cowboy in 2010. She has now been bred back to Goodsells Orion Dream Maker, with hopes and plans for another gorgeous foal in 2011!

Price: $4,500; In foal: $5,500

Goodsell Miniature-Photo Pending




Goodsells Buckaroo Queen
AMHA Reg. #A159843 AMHR Reg. #: N/A
DOB: 5/4/2005 Height: 32.5"

"Queen" is a gorgeous, refined buckskin filly and she has a very good, well-balanced conformation, with a strong hip, topped off with an incredibly sweet temperament!

She goes back to Ima Boones Little Buckaroo (National Grand Champion Senior Stallion and Buckaroo grandson) and Little Kings Love A Lot on her sire's side and Matchbox Painted Horse and Lone Star of Little Foot on her dam's side. She has the bloodlines from Buckaroo, Dell Terra Sligo, and Gold Melody Boy.

Queen was bred to the beautiful perlino stallion, Alamos Buckaroos Star Chaser, for her first foal, a dynamite little buckskin colt in 2009, and has now been bred to Goodsells Buckaroos Platinum Star for her much anticipated 2011 foal.

Price: $4,500; In foal: $5,500


Goodsell Miniature-Photo Pending

"Litl Jane"



Goodsells Sirs Perfect Litl Jane
AMHA Reg. #A168258 AMHR Reg. #: (Pending)
DOB: 3/11/2006 Height: 30.0"

"Jane" is a beautiful young black and white pinto mare, reflecting both the extreme beauty and elegant refinement of her parents, as well as the pedigree of champions in her china doll-dished face, large, expressive eyes, beautiful topline, long correct legs and balanced body.

During her 2008 AMHA show circuit, she was an excellent example of the Modern Miniature, with all the look and "presence" of a big horse in a diminutive stature. She is the gorgeous daughter of Cross Countrys Call Me Sir, a Lazy N Red Boy son, and Brewers Orion Sheer Perfection, an Orion own daughter.

She was introduced into our breeding program in 2009 and was bred to our Bar B Huskers Boy, delivering a gorgeous, tiny and refined "Husker replica" colt in 2010. Because this colt turned out to be so very exquisite, we decided to try to repeat this wonderful cross, so Jane has also been rebred to Husker for yet another fabulous foal in 2011.



Goodsell Miniature-Photo Pending




Goodsells Cowboys Shadow Lace
AMHA Reg. #A180526 AMHR Reg. #288264T
DOB: 3/25/2007 Height: 27.0"

"Lace" is a gorgeous, solid deep chocolate brown filly out of Marystown Supreme Cowboy and Showcase Chantilly Lace. She has a babydoll dished face, huge eyes, and a nice topline with long correct, refined legs. She quickly reflected her super "showcase" attitude and presence, ready and just waiting for the mark to go!

With her rich, deep chocolate coloring, we are extremely anxious and excited to see her first foal in 2011, the product of her breeding to our beautiful cremello stallion, Goodsells Buckaroos Platinum Star (Bailey)!

Price: $2,500; In foal: $3,500


Prices are Subject to Change without Notice; Heights are accurate, as of time of measurement.

For additional information on any horse listed, please email or call us on 210-326-6941.



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