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Quality Horses for Sale

We are pleased to bring the next level of information technology,
coupled with business and equine experience, to the process of
buying the RIGHT American Miniature Horse.

There are many, many places and venues you can visit
to buy an American Miniature Horse.

At Goodsell Miniatures, we are proud to share our
experiences learned in the business community, including
highly respected values regarding good work ethics
and excellent customer service,
plus our practical miniature horse knowledge.

We have found there are often folks looking for a very specific
type of horse or horses or there are folks who haven't determined
exactly what they are looking for and would appreciate some
straight-forward advice about their purchase.

You have entered a leading American Miniature Horse web portal.

We have horses of all levels of conformance, appropriately priced,
and, t
ogether with our sister farm(s), we represent nearly 500 horses
at multiple locations in Central Texas.

Our GOAL is to help you find the BEST horse or
information to FIT your needs.

At Goodsell Miniatures, we can assist you with either of these requests.
We want you to have the BEST horse that meets your needs today
and into the future, plus to ensure your hard-earned money is spent wisely.

Feel free to look at the pictures and information we have posted
regarding horses we currently have available for sale
on our specific "SALES LIST" pages labeled:


If you don't see what you are looking for,
please let us know and we will search our extensive equine database
of nearly 500 miniature horses at our sister ranches.

If that doesn't work, we will engage our next level of partner ranches,
where the miniature horse population is over 1,500 horses.

So far, we have been able to find the horses people are looking for.
Your search may be over, so give us a chance to help you
get the right horse for the right money.

Our horses are all registered with the
American Miniature Horse Association (AMHA),
American Miniature Horse Registry (AMHR), or both.



Prices are Subject to Change without Notice; Heights are accurate, as of time of measurement.

For additional information on any horse listed, please email or call us on 210-326-6941.


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