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"What should I know about exhibiting and training a miniature horse?"

Exhibition and Training of the American Miniature Horse

(Following are some frequently asked questions regarding Exhibition & Training of American Miniature Horses.)

Q: What do you do regarding exhibition of an American Miniature Horse?
A: American Miniature Horses are exhibited throughout the United States and abroad in a number of different disciplines, such as Halter (the judging of conformation & showmanship), Obstacle Courses, Hunter/ Jumper and Driving (Country & Single Pleasure, Roadster, Multiple Hitch, & Park Cart disciplines).

Q. Where are shows held for American Miniature Horses?
A: Sanctioned shows are held throughout the United States by the two major registries: AMHR & AMHA.

Points are awarded for national titles and also for qualification to attend the World Shows held each year. Additionally, American Miniature Horses are shown in other registries, such as the Pinto Association and other un-sanctioned shows such as county fairs; multiple sanctioned Regional shows are also held each year.

Q. Where can I get training for myself to learn how to train my American Miniature Horse?
A: Most areas of the nation have professional trainers that are well versed in training American Miniature Horses and, for nominal fees, can assist in helping individuals learn to properly exhibit their horse in all disciplines. Additionally, in many areas of the country, there are American Miniature Horse clubs that can assist a new owner to learn to fit and train an American Miniature Horse. Most farms that offer American Miniature Horses for sale also can assist in training an individual in learning to train and fit an American Miniature Horse.

Q: Are American Miniature Horses capable of learning quickly to perform the different disciplines offered by AMHR & AMHA?
A: American Miniature Horses are an intelligent breed and learn very easily to perform all disciplines offered by AMHR & AMHA. They are considered to be quick and willing learners, as well as great athletes, when it comes to learning to perform for their owners.

Q: How long can an American Miniature Horse typically show?
A: Many American Miniature show horses have long and very successful careers that stretch over many years, particularly in the youth classes with different members of the family showing the same horse year after year. The horses and kids love working together.

Prepared by Kenny Goodsell and John Cherry


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