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We frequently are asked, "What do you do with these precious horses" or "What are the benefits of owning a miniature horse"?

There are many, many things you can do with these horses and many benefits. We hope this will help answer these questions.

Thanks for visiting us and please enjoy all of the other information we offer.

Enjoyment: If you ask people who have miniature horses, the most common answer is "I just love these little horses!" If you grew up in the country (or always wanted to), then you already know the joy of the peace and quiet and relaxation only available outside the hustle and bustle of city living. These marvelous little equines will give you their affection and loyalty and help make your stress melt away.

Competition: For those of you who enjoy competition, you are at the right place. Participation at any level in fitting, training, and showing your horse is VERY fun and competitive. You can do all of these activities yourself or hire them out. For those of you who were never quite able to compete in athletics or business or whatever, you can now compete and win in the world of the American Miniature Horse.

Business: If you want to further your retirement income or always wanted to be your own boss, there is the business opportunity aspect of the American Miniature Horse. Like most types of business, there is no guarantee of success, but there are several families who earn all, or at least a part of, their livelihood in the American Miniature Horse industry. If this is what interests you, we will be glad to share our collective experience and help develop a plan for the purchase of your herd, farm, equipment, etc.

Our goal is more satisfied owners of the American Miniature Horse. You can enjoy these horses and also derive the business and tax benefits available.

Family: If spending more time with your family is important to you, what better way than being with your family and caring and showing miniature horses? There are tasks for all ages and skill levels in the miniature horse world. Your family will grow closer and stronger as they experience the thrills, joys and, yes unfortunately, sometimes sadness taking care of these wonderful creatures. You will also have the peace of knowing where your children are when they are down in your barn.

Prepared by Kenny Goodsell and John Cherry.


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